Aug. 27th, 2009

yesod: (no regret no peace no fear)
went to pt. pleasant yesterday for ginny's b-day with ginny, monty, and steve X3
-waffles with ice cream was DEVOURED.
-PIRATE mini golf was played.
-ginny running into mirrors and me displaying my HAWAIIAN EXPLOSION CROTCH shorts to myself thinking it wasn't me in a funhouse happened.
-aquarium seals and penguins eating were viewed. and sharks. i we didn't see them eat... but i watched sharks X3
-the ocean was battled.
the funny thing about the ocean was that it was really calm in a way. the beach we went to has a drop off quickly into fairly deep water, so the waves break and die REALLY close to the shore. once you swam past that, you could just kinda bob in the water all day. steve and i found this boring and decided to float around where the waves suck in and break. it was incredibly hilarious because we ended up just letting the water do whatever, which involved a lot of getting tossed around, flipped, dragged along the sand/shells/gravel/getting vomited onto the shore. all in all we ended up comparing scrapes and cracking up a lot as we threw ourselves into breaking waves or tried to punch through crests that were sometimes over our heads (or at least my head... im short lol.)
it had been years since i had been on the boardwalk @ pt. pleasant. it was pretty fun. it hasn't changed much, but beach towns never seem to anyway.


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