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Got a notification they they were going to purge my LJ account... just wanted to toss something up because even tho its been ages since iv used LJ, I still wanna cling to my account. Cling to it with jaws of life death grips and crab claws.

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so yea, my birthday is coming up super early february.
we wanted to do something i would find interesting, and somewhat different from the usual eatin' out thing.
due to my unabashed love of sea life, dar and i decided it would be fun to take a day trip to Baltimore and visit the aquarium as well as go out for dinner. as long as iv been going to otakon, i have NEVER been to the Baltimore aquarium... which in some cases i may have enjoyed more then the con itself. ha! for anyone whos ever seen me at an aquarium, youd understand.
but yeah, as for what day, its a toss up between sat, jan 30th or the following saturday, feb 6th. im leaning towards the 30th, just because the 6th is the weekend before katsu and ill be taking some days off for that as well. plus the 30th is closer to my actual birthday (feb 2.) tickets would be about 25$ for general admission, and we dont have any ideas for dinner yet.

so yeah. i know its pretty soon, being as were already into january, but im just curious as to who might be interested. LEMME KNOW!
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i do not like it one bit.
if all goes to plan i wont even have to step outside today.

holidays are, for all intents and purposes, over. return week from hell is done, and the kiddies should be going back to school. the store is a disaster area. i did manage to get a good portion of the backroom and bathroom clean yesterday. this week at work is gonna be cleaning and holiday recovery. cant say im exactly looking forward to it, but its better then HOSHIT HOLIDAY ASSHOLE ALART!

been feeling crappy on and off. my 80yrd old joints have been killing me. i need a rocking chair and cane. then again, iv ALWAYS needed a rocking chair and cane. and monocle. just because.

besides work and whatnot, the holidays have been pretty uneventful. christday got me boot!sock thingys, Heathers on DVD, the Prisoner complete set (original 60's series X3) on DVD, SHEEP PILLOW (hes so FLAT!!!! esmagado ovelha lol,) catan board game WOOO, Deadpool/Thunderbolts book, and sleep... mmmmm sleep.

we played in the snow for the first time in years... with 20+ inches, i couldn't help myself. )

but yeah. thats about it. im not really one to do resolutions for the new year or reminisce about the old. its all just ultimately another year. *shrug*
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its an all about YOU meme!

i filled this one out over at [ profile] vartan's

1. If you're on my friends list, I want to know 35 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine.

2. Comment here with your answers and repost the questionnaire on your own journal.

onto the questions... DO IT IF YOU WANT AND/OR BORED! )
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damn the sunrise and my limited personal viewability T^T

we need to blow more shit up in the name of SCIENCE!!!!!!
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much like a good percentage of the population, iv recently been feeling sluggish and sick-ish. not full blown sick really... just uhg. yeah.
horrible headaches, joints getting bad again, some congestion, i kinda think its my allergies tho at this point i almost wish it was the flu or something so i can just get over it and it will go away and i don't have to rely on painkillers and/or allergy meds (which haven't seemed to work anyway.)

i think were gonna aim to do the eastern state penitentiary halloweeny thingy (see here...) on the first weekend of october. our plan is doin the trio dining package, becasue that resturaunt is yummy (trio trio trio.) its pricey, but actually a pretty good deal considering the food you get plus the admission ticket. but yeah. its super cheesy and somewhat ridiculous, but totally fun. reservations have to be planned out in advance i believe so IF YER INTERESTED LEMME KNOW!!!!


Sep. 11th, 2009 12:04 pm
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so james moved out. it already feels less crowded. like iv mentioned before, i love my bro, but it just wasn't a good match, good time, good situation, etc... im just hoping he goes home to my parents place and tries to be a little more self sufficient there.

but yeah... update?
i The Big Day Out is pretty much a no-go this year. its coming up REALLY fast and we didn't really get a big response about it. ah well. HOPEFULLY next year. were still hoping to get in another pine barrens kayak trip tho. weather providing.
it does look like we might be doing the Eastern State Penitentiary hunted tour thingy. its cheesy and fun and we've done it for a few years now, so i guess its tradition as well.

speaking of weather. IM A WIMP!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS COLD?!?! im seriously reptilian or something. unless its a nice and stable 98.6 degrees outside, my body temperature cant seem to keep up either. ha!

as for other stuff... i REALLY NEED to bust my ass on some cosplay stuff. iv just been feeling unmotivated and under the weather in general. i have some definite DO WANTS as far as future plans. i also plan on making a DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN ....dress. not for cosplay, but because i need one and iv been none to pleased with the fit and styles that iv seen available in stores. tho with all my years of cosplay, iv never actually made a dress. the closest thing to it would have been may from GGX that i did YEARS ago... but that was more like a weird apron skirt thingy. so yeah. fun sewing times.

tattoo is healing well! im still really excited to get more work done on it... tho i have to wait till nov till my appointment.

all in all, its just nice to have a quiet morning. dar made food (thanx mom! XD) and im drinking more coffee then any one person should consume in a single sitting. this is my FUCK YEA! coffee mug )
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went to pt. pleasant yesterday for ginny's b-day with ginny, monty, and steve X3
-waffles with ice cream was DEVOURED.
-PIRATE mini golf was played.
-ginny running into mirrors and me displaying my HAWAIIAN EXPLOSION CROTCH shorts to myself thinking it wasn't me in a funhouse happened.
-aquarium seals and penguins eating were viewed. and sharks. i we didn't see them eat... but i watched sharks X3
-the ocean was battled.
the funny thing about the ocean was that it was really calm in a way. the beach we went to has a drop off quickly into fairly deep water, so the waves break and die REALLY close to the shore. once you swam past that, you could just kinda bob in the water all day. steve and i found this boring and decided to float around where the waves suck in and break. it was incredibly hilarious because we ended up just letting the water do whatever, which involved a lot of getting tossed around, flipped, dragged along the sand/shells/gravel/getting vomited onto the shore. all in all we ended up comparing scrapes and cracking up a lot as we threw ourselves into breaking waves or tried to punch through crests that were sometimes over our heads (or at least my head... im short lol.)
it had been years since i had been on the boardwalk @ pt. pleasant. it was pretty fun. it hasn't changed much, but beach towns never seem to anyway.
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my life according to Queen )

if you haven't already clicked... that was "that music meme" thingy... iv seen it here and there and it looked fun. plus... QUEEN.

im kinda sleepy... and i ran out of creamer for my tea or coffee. not that i ALWAYS need creamer for either, but i was kinda craving it. im still tempted to break out some of the nicer beans and make a cup of black.
planning on seeing District 9 today and saw Ponyo friday. i was soooo glad i went to see it in theaters. i had watched it at home, and while i ultimately liked the sub better, i really enjoy the theater experience. but yeah, not much planned for today. gotta work on some cosplay. we made a duct tape me. its hanging creepily on the clothing rack.
think ill play some vidya till i have to actually get non PJs on so we can hit up that movie ^__^


Aug. 12th, 2009 06:47 pm
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and thus closes another chapter in the epic that is Brown Crush.

...and now that it's written, i really don't feel like explaining that statement.

why am i more sore today (after a day at the beach) then i was after we went on a 9 mile kayak trip? seriously! i mean, we swam in the ocean and walked around the boardwalk a lot... but nothing that seemed to rough. doesn't matter tho. i had a great time. dar summed it up well with her statement of "Beautiful weather, good friends, and no sunburn!!! YAY!" yeah, it took layers and layers of spf70 but i also managed to avoid getting burned.

right now im drinking tea and thinking about how i dont feel like closing at work tonight. i seem to not want work closing shifts ever. part of it is getting home rather late. working in a mall doesn't help either, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. we get a lot of the mallrats that just kinda hang out and take up space. im turning into one of those grouchy people who is all like "buy something or get out!!!!" hmmm... ok... maybe not "turning into" due to my semi constant "get off my lawn" attitude. haha.

the cats are so cute when they're sprawled around the house! XD


Aug. 2nd, 2009 12:15 am
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i hate working closing shifts. it always feels like by the time i get stuff settled when i get home, its already relatively late and i should just sleep.
i do have tomorrow off, which is nice.

aaaanyway. i never did post any pics from otakon. i finally got some pics of my FFIII Ingus/Summoner costume. otherwise known as "what the hell is up with those goofy ass pants/unicorn" guy. click for hammer time )
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i seem to have an issue going down stairs while simultaneously putting on clothing. i guess it stems from me often putting things like shirts on while leaving my room. this results in me entering the stairwell in states of mostly undress and then nearly falling down said stairs due to having a shirt over my head. im totally slick.
dont ask why i posted this.
i feel like iv been neglecting this journal.

now that ota is over and iv had a good rest time... i can finally really bite the bullet and work on some costumes iv wanted to get done for awhile. namely paladin Cecil from FFIV and Sima Yi from Dynasty Warriors 6. Cecil is priority. i want to get him done by october. Sima Yi looks like hes gonna be for AUSA. have some other plans here and there, nothing solidified yet. possibly something that involves TONS OF FEATHERS WOOOOO! XD

im also trying to adhere to a more solid eating schedule. iv gained some unwanted pounds in the past year, and i want to do something about it. especially now that im feeling a lot better. this winter i was in a lot of joint pain and shit, so i really didn't want to do anything (i swear im not 80yrs old). right now i just want to try to regulate what i eat plus actually hit the gym for once.
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dar, joe and i did a pleasant 9 mile kayak trip through the pine barrens today. i saw box and snapping turtles, frogs, and one HOLY SHIT HUGE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? ITS LITERALLY THE SIZE OF MY FIST AND ITS SKATING ACROSS THE TOP OF THE FUCKING WATER WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS? ITS NOT A HALLUCINATION I SWEAR spider. also an assortment of pretty dragonflys that liked to chill out on top of our boats and sun bathe. oh... and ghost kayaker. yanno... like ghost rider, but in a kayak instead of a motorcycle. and it looked kinda like joe... but yeah. GHOST KAYAKER!

speaking of sun... i also managed to royally sunburn my knees and legs. it's only understandable since they have barely seen the light of day in years. it now looks like im wearing white shorts.
but yeah, sunburn aftermath was totally worth it. it was a GORGEOUS day and a really fun trip. i definitely want to do more kayaking this summer.
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-i am the captain of the CHINESE QUIDDICH TEAM
-death note killed my mother and raped my father
-final destination car is made of danger

....aaaaaaaaand that just about covers it.


Jul. 15th, 2009 03:11 am
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im getting sleep drunk and that sounds really funny to me right now XD
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THATS what we got out of this night!

its raining a lot. good thing i dyed all the stuff i needed to dye yesterday.

have a bunch left to do before otakon... figured out what my "i want something new and not that hard" costume will be. just gotta finish it. lots of little details. and yes... the wooden "pineapple" rings have something to do with it haha. anyone else wearing anything from dynasty warriors @ ota this year? i cant escape my love for mindless repetitive button mashing... theres NO WHERE TO RUN!!! DX!!!!
its bad tho... im already trying to think of when ill be able to finish Cecil up. possibly by the end of september... early october? i REALLY wanna do it bad. FFIV is one of my all time favorite games and i wanna geeeeeeek ouuuuuuut!

hmmm... i should get to bed. i have work in the morning T^T i just thought i had more to say. guess not. haha!
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im trying to think of an appropriate sound affect. it would probably be something of the "nuuuurgh" variety... whatever that means.

Otakon is FUCK right around the corner. i was aiming to do FFIV paladin Cecil from dissidia but there is NO WAY ill be able to get him done in time. in order to avoid another "AHHHH!!! MUST GET COSTUME DONE STREEESSSSS!!!" fiasco like last year, i have decided to shelve him. tho by NO means does it mean that i don't plan on doing it... im just moving the perspective done date to most likely animeUSA.

that kinda leaves me with what ill be wearing. DEFINITELY Ingus/summoner job class from FFIII. after that... duuuur... i dunno? so if theres anything that i have and someone wants me to wear, im all ears.
ON TOP OF THAT... because this is otakon... i kinda wanna do something new. :(
im just on a kinda limited budget both monies and time wise... so yeah.
ANY SUGGESTIONS?! XD yanno, something NOT involving massive platemail or armor or what the hell is that magic...
im also kinda curious as to what people might suggest. ha!
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since i haven't really been an avid poster for MONTHS on end... there's a ton of random stuff i can theoretically catch up on! YAY for random stuff!!!
most of it is pics and little events that iv wanted to post and have just been to lazy and/or non internet inclined to actually do. sooooo yeah ill probably be making a few posts working backwards at what iv been up to starting with dar's BIRTHDAY this past weekend!
basically the theme was PROM. girls got all gussied up in prom dresses and guys put on their finest suits. we then hit up cheesecake factory. gotta love 20+ people decked out like there in HS boozin' it up and eatin' cheesecake. )

[ profile] nyquil_driver... this pic is for you... )

so yeah... that was friday night. alas i had to work a closing shift on saturday. i was however, happy to find that people were still partying when i got home. i made sure to join in the festivities ASAP )

we ended up singing karaoke till about 2am. i cant sing in the best of situations, more or less after downing a significant amount of liquor. good thing reau and i knew how to REALLY do karaoke. none of that actually trying shit. BAH!

and one last pic to end it all... )
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we are celebrating dar's birthday today with nothing other then GEEK PROM.
ittle be a night of dining, drinking, and potential karaoke... dresscode? prom gowns and suits, bonus points for tuxes.
FUCK YEA, i still fit into my juinor year prom gown (i think i wore it in '99?) its a bit tight... but it has boning in it and i cant resist BRIGHT FUCKING BLUE POOF. dar pulled out her prom gowns from the early 90's. holy fuck i wish i were smaller if only to have the chance to wear so many frikin SEQUINS.

as per usual, i haven't updated in ages. i think there will be a picture post in the not so distant future. there's a few events and things i wanna post from but i haven't gotten them off dar's camera yet.

as for THE FUTURE!!!! i will be attending animeNEXT, tho i don't think ill be making anything new for it so far as cosplay. i need to get busy busting my ass on stuff for otakon. not really much going on besides that, cept maybe the northeast cosplayers picnic(?)
i should really actually clean my room instead of the cheat!cleaning i did today. i shoved a ton of stuff in the closet as opposed to actually finding valid places for it. since were having guests who may be potentially sleeping on the futon in my room, i figured i might as well make it at least look presentable. don't worry, if you're coming over, the areas you might inhabit will be clean.
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