Apr. 15th, 2009

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i dunno... i guess iv felt like iv been consistently busy, but when i try and think of things iv actually done recently, it doesn't seem like much. granted, that seems to happen to me a lot. i play to many videogames, avoid many actual social interactions, you know the drill. haha

tho as for the rest of this month, and hell, a bit into next... there's just a shit-ton to do.
this coming weekend, im working fairly consistently, and will be trying to prep for the following two weekends. the last weekend in this month dar and i will be going to toracon (little day long convention in rochester) and in that, using it as an excuse to visit my parents who live up there. i pretty much only ever see them when it's christmas or toracon, and none of us could afford to make a trip this past holiday season. so yeah, its been about a year. i need to drag my brother back here sometimes. there's really not a lot to do up where he lives, and hes worse then me at being social... so i can only imagine hes holed up inside all day.

but yeah, the weekend after tora/first weekend of may is costume con. dar and i are gonna be attending. we are actually hosting a panel there as well, so that should be interesting. along with that we've entered the single patten contest and NEED TO BUST OUR ASSES on that and GET A MOVE ON. i have my design, color scheme, fabrics... now i just need to actually make the damn thing.
while im rambling on the subject... is anyone else planning on attending costume con this year? i know its UBER pricey, but i figured id ask. were also possibly looking for anyone who needs room space. our hotel room is pretty sparse at this point.

aaaaaand.... after those? i need to NOT BE A HORRIBLE procrastinator and dive strait into otakon costume shit. bleh.

well, this post was rather inane... but i suppose i ought to type something every once in awhile so people don't start to think im dead. it would however, be a plausible assumption if based on my recent online activity. haha


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