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...and then we rode away in the magical tank.... filled with MAGIC and UNICORNS

from the mixed up files of one Dean Butler

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Birthdate:Feb 2
Location:ephrata, PA
hello hello!
this is my journal, there's not to much to say... it's not "friends only" but i do occasionally lock posts. i often post random thoughts or pointless whatevers that i happen to have on my mind. i cosplay and do "nerdy" things, so sometimes there will be cos-babble or progress. all in all, if your looking for something with a lot of dept, my journal may not be the right place. haha
i don't mind new people adding me. im pretty easy going and sometimes add back, but i DO like to know who you are, how you met me, IF you know me... etc. im nosy. if you get easily offended or like to get all high and mighty on peoples personal opinions and actions, don't bother adding me. you'll just get horrified or frustrated. lol


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*all uncredited LJ icons are made by me... cept the moving screencap ones*

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