Sep. 11th, 2009


Sep. 11th, 2009 12:04 pm
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so james moved out. it already feels less crowded. like iv mentioned before, i love my bro, but it just wasn't a good match, good time, good situation, etc... im just hoping he goes home to my parents place and tries to be a little more self sufficient there.

but yeah... update?
i The Big Day Out is pretty much a no-go this year. its coming up REALLY fast and we didn't really get a big response about it. ah well. HOPEFULLY next year. were still hoping to get in another pine barrens kayak trip tho. weather providing.
it does look like we might be doing the Eastern State Penitentiary hunted tour thingy. its cheesy and fun and we've done it for a few years now, so i guess its tradition as well.

speaking of weather. IM A WIMP!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS COLD?!?! im seriously reptilian or something. unless its a nice and stable 98.6 degrees outside, my body temperature cant seem to keep up either. ha!

as for other stuff... i REALLY NEED to bust my ass on some cosplay stuff. iv just been feeling unmotivated and under the weather in general. i have some definite DO WANTS as far as future plans. i also plan on making a DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN ....dress. not for cosplay, but because i need one and iv been none to pleased with the fit and styles that iv seen available in stores. tho with all my years of cosplay, iv never actually made a dress. the closest thing to it would have been may from GGX that i did YEARS ago... but that was more like a weird apron skirt thingy. so yeah. fun sewing times.

tattoo is healing well! im still really excited to get more work done on it... tho i have to wait till nov till my appointment.

all in all, its just nice to have a quiet morning. dar made food (thanx mom! XD) and im drinking more coffee then any one person should consume in a single sitting. this is my FUCK YEA! coffee mug )


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