Feb. 3rd, 2009

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thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday whether it was through calls, texts, IMs, or social sites. XD much appreciated!

had a good day yesterday. just kinda bummed around the house and then hit up sushi with a few awesome peoples. we ate an ungodly amount of raw fish. it was delicious.

looking forward to katsu. hoping i can get things done in time. theoretically it shouldn't be a problem. im not really working on anything insane.

other then that, life has been fairly boring. been working and doing nothing that would qualify as entirely different, interesting, or creative.
'sides maybe that day we went to the roller rink to randomly skate (hadn't done that in years) or this horrible hilarious awesome plan that dar and i have schemed up (more on that when we actually get the wheels in motion.)

also getting a tattoo like... THE DAY we leave for katsu. was originally gonna get another octopus on my leg, like around my calf. i then thought about what id be wearing... such as vinyl pants tucked into boots... and realized that would not be terribly conducive to healing and potentially needlessly uncomfortable. i think then im going to get something super narrow down my spine. from the way the center of the back dips in where the spine is, it should be easier to take car of and relatively chafe free. at least as much as normal clothing. plus... it'll be the divider from which i can eventually start the big back piece i have planned out. next week should be interesting. haha.

R.E. is disgustingly adorable when she wants attention. she literally hops into my lap and proceeds to nuzzle my neck. how much do kitties grow after they're about 6 months old? R.E. is still pretty tiny.


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