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we are celebrating dar's birthday today with nothing other then GEEK PROM.
ittle be a night of dining, drinking, and potential karaoke... dresscode? prom gowns and suits, bonus points for tuxes.
FUCK YEA, i still fit into my juinor year prom gown (i think i wore it in '99?) its a bit tight... but it has boning in it and i cant resist BRIGHT FUCKING BLUE POOF. dar pulled out her prom gowns from the early 90's. holy fuck i wish i were smaller if only to have the chance to wear so many frikin SEQUINS.

as per usual, i haven't updated in ages. i think there will be a picture post in the not so distant future. there's a few events and things i wanna post from but i haven't gotten them off dar's camera yet.

as for THE FUTURE!!!! i will be attending animeNEXT, tho i don't think ill be making anything new for it so far as cosplay. i need to get busy busting my ass on stuff for otakon. not really much going on besides that, cept maybe the northeast cosplayers picnic(?)
i should really actually clean my room instead of the cheat!cleaning i did today. i shoved a ton of stuff in the closet as opposed to actually finding valid places for it. since were having guests who may be potentially sleeping on the futon in my room, i figured i might as well make it at least look presentable. don't worry, if you're coming over, the areas you might inhabit will be clean.
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